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ADMP UK aims to develop communication amongst dance movement therapists and promote its use throughout the United Kingdom in accordance with the highest professional standards. The Association works with the other art therapy professions in the UK (music, drama, art) and is active in the continuing development of a European Dance Movement Therapy network and supports international sharing.


  • supporting and encouraging research, students, practitioners and promotes Dance Movement Therapy in the education, social and health services and the community at large.
  • establishing and maintaining a register of professional members.
  • representing membership in negotiations with relevant bodies concerning issues of employment.
  • supporting the development of training courses which provide professional competence in the theory and practice of Dance Movement Therapy.
  • facilitating the exchange of information, knowledge and thought in Dance Movement Therapy in liaison with other professionals.
  • protecting and promoting the interests of its members.
  • encouraging and supporting research and publications in Dance Movement Therapy.


ADMP UK provides:

  • a register of Dance Movement Therapy practitioners available to the public on request.
  • consultation, introductory workshops, in-service training and educational seminars.
  • peer support seminars and professional development workshops facilitated for member practitioners, educators, supervisors and other interested professionals.
  • a quarterly newsletter: 'e-motion'

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