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Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy

An International Journal for Theory, Research and Practice published by Taylor & Francis Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy is an international, peer-reviewed journal exploring the relationship between body and mind and focusing on the significance of the body and movement in the therapeutic setting. It is the only scholarly journal wholly dedicated to the growing fields of body (somatic) psychotherapy and dance movement therapy. The body is increasingly being recognized as a vehicle for expression, insight and change. The journal encourages broad and in-depth discussion of issues relating to research activities, theory, clinical practice, professional development and personal reflections.

Body Psychotherapy and Dance Movement Therapy as these areas relate to the following: Children and adolescents; Families; Couples; Touch; Trauma; Assessment, Observation and evaluation; Research; Body image and identity; Training and supervision; The limits and opportunities of the body; The sacred and the body; Psychosomatics; Mind-body interrelationship; The Arts.

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