This programme provides you with a broad understanding of the theories and practices of dance movement therapy necessary for safe and effective clinical work, and enables you to practise as a dance movement therapist.

Your learning is underpinned by the principles and practices of psychodynamic psychotherapy within the social, political and multicultural context of mental health care and educational settings, and informed by contemporary dance practice and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA).

Via theoretical studies, movement observation studies, dance practice workshops, clinical work and experiential learning, you integrate cognitive understanding and practical experience with a developing awareness of self and other.

The nature of the therapeutic relationship between client, their movement, and the therapist is explored, and you have the opportunity to put your learning into practice through 120 days of supervised placements. This gives you the opportunity to relate your practical experience to your theoretical studies.

You are encouraged to develop your own dance/movement practice and to situate your work in relationship to your development as a therapist, to contemporary dance and movement practice. You are required to be in personal therapy throughout the programme, and become a student member of ADMP UK

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