The MSc programme in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Queen Margaret University has an international ethos. It values the body-mind connection and regards the dance experience as central to achieving integrated learning and therapeutic experiences. It aims to:

  • prepare professionals who will be responsive to the emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs of vulnerable people
  • facilitate students in their development of culturally-sensitive Dance Movement Psychotherapy skills, techniques and approaches including the use of advanced movement observation and analysis tools
  • enable graduates, through reflective practice, to make sound clinical decisions and offer appropriate justifications for these decisions which are firmly rooted in principles of evidence based practice
  • create practitioners who are able to conceptualise, articulate and appropriately evaluate their work.
  • encourage graduates to recognise the value of life-long personal/professional development
  • The programme places equal emphasis on academic studies, experiential learning and supervised clinical placements, and encourages students to integrate all components to achieve a comprehensive learning experience.

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