The Dance / Movement Therapy Association (DMTA) was founded in 1995 to develop the use of the creative process in dance/movement therapy in Russia, integrаting with other forms of the creative arts therapy.

MISSION STATEMENT Our goal is to provide a forum for health professionals, artists, and the general public in which to develop their own process of self-healing, individually and in groups, through exploration of dance/movement therapy. 

PHILOSOPHY IN ACTION DMTA, promoting the philosophy of living and experiencing the present moment, promotes both traditional and contemporary knowledge about movement/dance and its transformative power in Eastern and Western arts, psychology and medicine as essential to the creative healing process. 

DMTA provides a forum for the individual to identity in body and in mind, with his/her own creative process and mode of self-expression, personal transformation and healing through dance and movement. 

DMTA is non-sectarian, non-ideological, and does not promote any religious or spiritual movements. Instead, DMTA hopes to provide the individual with a level of comfort grounded in his/her own mode of self-expression and awareness of his/her environment.

Russian DMT Association is a Full Professional Member of European Association Dance/Movement Therapy (EADMT)
Movement Therapy in Russia06:15

Movement Therapy in Russia

Official Website

Website of professional training for Dance/Movement Psychotherapy in Moscow:

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