This course is accredited by the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK, so you'll become a fully registered dance movement therapist with the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (ADMPUK).

You'll develop the skills you need to support the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people, so it's a really rewarding course to choose.

This course will give you dance movement psychotherapy training and a licence to practice, as well as giving you an academic qualification at masters level.

The programme gives you solid experience of clinical dance movement therapy practice, supervision and work in education, as well as further closed group work. The main emphasis is on your work in a clinical environment and using creative skills to explore self-expression. You will be allocated a personal tutor who'll be responsible for monitoring your overall progress.This course is accredited by the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK, so you can be confident that you'll be learning the most up to date thinking on dance movement psychotherapy.

During the course you'll build up your experience of clinical dance movement therapy, and use your creative skills to explore self expression. It's important to understand the history of dance movement psychotherapy from the early pioneers through to the current thinking. You'll cover concepts such as the theory and practice of the art form and the importance of improvisation, creativity and play. You'll also use and reflect on psychotherapeutic theory, while considering the implications for placement and practice. Because anatomy and physiology are essential to your understanding of movement and its relevance for psychotherapy, you'll also explore this during the course.

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