The uniquely interdisciplinary MA course in DMP integrates theoretical, experiential and clinical learning, preparing students to practice as dance movement psychotherapists. Cutting edge research cascades into teaching emphasising the social, biological and psychological construction of the moving body and meaning-making. Students are encouraged to develop a self-reflexive practice and the ability for critical reflection on creative processes. On successful completion of the MA students enter the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK professional register.

Key areas of studyEdit

  • Contemporary DMP and psychotherapeutic theories
  • Feminist embodied reflexivity
  • Clinical placement and supervision (one-two days a week)
  • Dance movement improvisation skills and interventions
  • Embodied performance practice
  • Experiential anatomy for clinical practice
  • Human development, movement and growth
  • Laban Movement Analysis and video observation

Special featuresEdit

The course offers opportunities for you to explore and expand movement preferences, ways of interacting with others, belief systems, prejudices and values. Emphasis is placed on you developing your own style as a dance movement psychotherapist. You also have the opportunity to perform and exhibit your ongoing work in a yearly Arts Therapies Exhibition.

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